One of the absolute must-haves of the current season are  blazer madness. Street style fashionistas show much love to long blazers, sleeveless and even classy jackets of different colors and textiles.

    Why do you need to shop one of these to your wardrobe? Firstly, blazers are timeless clothing. Would you prefer black, white or plaid you will wear it today, tomorrow and ages after. Secondly, they perfectly match with jeans, classy trousers and even with denim shorts and casual tshirts. And finally they make your outfit more stylish and unique. Check out some outfits and shop your favorites for upcoming season.

    Fashion advice: plaid jackets are an absolute obsession this season!

    Stay tuned! x

    blazer madness

    blazer madness

    blazer madness


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    1. Victoria chandler
      03.10.2017 / 04:39

      I dnt need help in styling myself more of what & who have u been given to for publishing as it’s me the model & stylest by the looks of your catalogue via www it’s very gd if I do say so but see I haven’t been asked or given a choice


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