Morning dolls! Recently we discussed some wardrobe basics for fall: jackets, cosy knits, caps and hats. It’s time to think about perfect pair of shoes to match. Personally, I am absolutely in love with the ankle boots. Same as the pair of white sneakers buying a pair of ankle boots sounds like a good investment into your wardrobe.

    Timeless footwear which looks massive from one side could be a perfect match for jeans, coats and oversize clothing. Meanwhile, ankle boots could also create a stylish combination with a dress of any design and fabric. When you want to look girly but still cute, you can easily transform your nice summer dress into casual streetlook wearing black ankle boots for a walk. Same about silky midi dress, which would not look as a night gown anymore if you mix it with Balenciaga boots. Rock it, babe!

    ankle boots

    What is more, ankle boots is a perfect footwear for daily outfits. Any coat, cardigan, pants or jeans suit this pair quite well.

    Where to shop? The choice is immense. Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and lots of other brands offer trendy boots each season in different colors besides black like burgundy, khaki or even white. Everything to please the choosy trendsetters! Meanwhile, many other brands like Zara, Karl Lagerfeld, Asos selling the various designs to fit everyone’s budget and taste.

    This season designers make offer brand new look at the usual ankle footwear. Check out massive shoes with pearls (like Gucci or Zara), with heavy metallic chains (like Givenchy), also made of suede and tweed fabric.
    Whatever you choose be sure you won’t lose wearing them during the fall, winter or even in summer (at least, cool summer weather in London perfectly suit them). Do not forget to complete the look with the trendy outwear like biker jacket if you want to look like a real rocknrolla or oversized camel coat to keep it casual!
    Check it out what we have for you as a fall inspiration. Don’t miss your chance to shop your favorite  items with us for the best prices!

    You’re still more than welcomed to email us your outfits in ankle boots to get reposted via our Instagram sources. Swipe up!

    Talk to you soon babes!
    ankle boots

    ankle boots

    ankle boots

    Ankle boots




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